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EST. 2017

How to simplify SSH access with SSH config

What originally started as me  looking for a way to push code using different GitHub accounts  led to one of my favorite self-discoveries: using SSH config to simplify SSH access to multiple servers. Unsurprisingly, this self-discovery is far from novel and has been employed by server admins long …

Published by Czar Pino on Saturday May 5, 2018

How to tell Git which SSH Key to use

It is not possible to tell Git which SSH credentials to use — strictly speaking. But you can use SSH config to effectively achieve the same result. Suppose you have a private key  ~/.ssh/special_id_rsa  and you are trying to clone the repository . You …

Published by Czar Pino on Sunday April 1, 2018

How to renew your letsencrypt certificate

I recently just received an email from  that my SSL certificate was to expire in 20 days. Fearing I may not get another reminder, I decided to renew immediately. Almost automatically, I sshed into my server. However, I realized I did not actually know how to renew the cert! So I …

Published by Czar Pino on Thursday February 22, 2018

How to pick a starting weight for NLP

There is little information on how to get started with Novice Linear Progression (NLP). Personally, I went with what I could lift for 5 reps using my old high bar squat. Needless to say, this was a mistake. I quickly hit a plateau and stopped progressing. My technique was really bad as it was …

Published by Czar Pino on Thursday February 15, 2018

On code quality

EXCUSESWARNING: This is a scratch/draft note for an internal talk I did on code quality. I find it helpful to write my thoughts even if somewhat disorderly in order to better articulate ideas. It is quite rough as drafts go and I will be working to refine this in the future. 

Published by Czar Pino on Monday January 29, 2018

The best strength program for novices

The Novice Linear Progression (NLP) is arguably the best strength program for new lifters. It is an A/B type program where you workout 3 times a week for as long as you are able to add weight each workout. The program design is simple and easy to follow which belie it’s brutal but effective …

Published by Czar Pino on Saturday January 13, 2018

An Average Person’s Guide to Choosing a Personal Computer

Are you an average person looking for your next, if not first, computer? This guide is for you.

Published by Czar Pino on Thursday December 28, 2017